How to know trustworthy supplement products and stores

Supplements are forms of medication that we take to ensure we are not deficient in a particular nutrient. We could take supplements because we observe our diet do not have enough of the nutrition provided by that supplement, we are starting to feel the effects of the deficiency of that nutrition or because we are involved in activities that require the consumption of more of that supplement. For instance, people are likely to take protein supplements when they are vegetarians and do not consume food with enough protein or because they are into bodybuilding that requires much more protein than they can eat with their regular diet.

Since supplements are like drugs, it implies that whatever company that is producing them must accord them the same importance as normal drugs. It means the same research, neatness, and care that goes into the production of drugs should also go into the production of supplements. This is why it is important to ensure that you are buying your supplement products from the right store. Furthermore, you also want to be sure that the supplements perform the exact function that the company claims that it can carry out. Hence, you would want to know ways you can identify a trustworthy supplement product and store. These are discussed subsequently.

Reading reviews

When you read reviews about a particular supplement product or store, you would be able to know what people are saying about their supplements. Once they have a significant number of reviews and all the reviews are positive with no sign of rigging and on a reputable neutral platform, then you might want to conclude that the supplement is trustworthy. If, on the other hand, you observe that a lot of people are complaining of side effects and reactions after taking the supplement, then you might want to avoid the supplement and the store selling it to avoid being a victim of such side effects and reactions too. From the reviews, you would also be able to know the exact function of the supplement and be sure that it is in line with the results you were hoping to get from consuming the supplement.

The packaging

Another way you can know if a supplement is real or not is the packaging. It is worthy of note that even for good supplements, there might be fake versions of it. You should know what the official packaging of the supplement from the company manufacturing it is. Furthermore, when you notice that the packaging is rough or not properly done, it might be a sign that the supplement is not a good one or a fake. The care and effort the company put into producing the right supplement should reflect on how the product is packaged as well.


If after your findings, you believe a supplement is to be trusted and you buy, you should notice the effects on your body. If you notice that the supplement is producing adverse effects, you might want to stop taking it and see the doctor. In some cases, you might react to even a good supplement because you are allergic to one or more of its ingredients among other reasons. In the absence of no negative effects, you might want to check within the first few weeks of using the products if it is producing the desired results.